Breaking Down Walls and Making Room for Love

Breaking Down Walls and Making Room for Love

June 12, 2017 Announcements 0

Last year I bought my first house: an adorable little 1935 cape cod. I had been dreaming of a “tiny house” for many years, but the thing that always stopped me was the question of where I would do my crafting. How could I possibly store all of my fabric in a tiny house? How on earth would I be able to take on any sprawling projects if I had to put it all away at the end of the day? When I first saw this house, I knew immediately that this was the solution.

On the first floor someone had converted the old garage into a master suite. The ground floor of the house had every essential, in barely 800 sq ft. Sure, it’s more of a “very small house” than a “tiny house” but still, it satisfied the need in me to be space-efficient and prevent the accumulation of unnecessary clutter. On the second floor were two tiny little, awkwardly shaped bedrooms, only one of which had an actual closet. Everything about it felt wrong, and while I knew immediately that I had to buy the house, I also knew that the wall between those two rooms absolutely had to go.

This month my mom and step-dad came to visit, and we promptly set to work demolishing that wall between the two rooms. In the process we discovered that the wall had only been erected by the person that bought the house before me, who had done so specifically with the intention of flipping the house. He had taken one gorgeous, light-filled, vaulted ceiling room and made two ridiculously unusable rooms, just for the sake of being able to sell the house as a 3 bedroom. Considering I bought the house just so I could take out that wall, I feel like we probably could have just saved each other some hassle at some point.

The feeling of the space immediately changed. Light once again flooded the floor. The air flowed better. I knew exactly how to make my vision of a grand crafting space come to fruition. I already had the tools and the vision, I just needed the space.

It’s thrilling and I can’t wait for it to be completed, so that I can get elbow deep in creating for you beautiful, lovingly crafted and profoundly meaningful items! I hope that everything that comes out of this space is imbued with the positive energy in which it was created.