Inching Toward Launch

Inching Toward Launch

May 19, 2017 Announcements 0

“What even IS The House on Sunny Hill?” you may be asking yourself. What does it MEAN? What does it DO? What is it FOR?

Well, that’s a bunch of complicated questions, but in the immediate future, I can tell you that it will be a virtual representation of a physical place where you can buy tangible goods for your digital world.

That probably doesn’t help much. Let me try to explain.

We spend an awful lot of our lives using electronic devices that allow us to run our lives without actually touching anything. We no longer have the tactile experience of holding a pen or pencil in hand while we fill out a calendar or a planner. We no longer hold a book in our hands while we read it. We communicate with each other virtually. We send love and well wishes impersonally. We glean comfort from the glow of a screen, rather than the warmth of someone’s arms wrapped around us. It has made a lot of us feel detached and alone.

At The House on Sunny Hill, we aim to change that, even if it’s only in small ways. Even if we can only touch one person’s hand, or provide warmth to one child, that’s one more person that knows they are not alone in the world. Someone out there knows their name, and made something just for them. A real person, not a machine, took the time to cut and sew and create something to remind them, in a tangible and tactile way, that the thing they are holding in their hands, isn’t electronic or virtual. They are real, love is real, hope is real.

Everyone is welcome, and the door is always open. Come on in!