Tangible goods for your digital world.

We spend an awful lot of our lives using electronic devices that allow us to run our lives without actually touching anything. Fewer and fewer tactile interactions with the world have left many us feeling detached and alone.

At The House on Sunny Hill, I aim to change that, even if only in small ways. Even if I can only touch one person at a time, that one person knows that they are not alone in the world, that someone out there knows their name and made something just for them. A real person, not a machine, took the time to cut and sew and create something to remind them, in a tangible and tactile way, that the thing they are holding in their hands isn’t electronic or virtual. They are real, love is real, hope is real.

Everyone is welcome, and the door is always open. Come on in!

Custom Life Planners

Tailor made to your style and specifications, every page comes with inspirational or motivational quotes to uplift and encourage (choose from either Christian or secular quotes), and can be customized for left or right handed writers.


Planner Covers

These covers will transform a plain old binder into something uniquely yours. With pockets galore, pen loops, and expandable closures, you’ll have plenty of space for all of your planner accessories.



Quilts are an age-old way to celebrate all stages of life. Made to last for years to come, I use all cotton materials, inside and out (unless requested otherwise). Quilts are a way to create an item meant to bring comfort and warmth to another person. Whether made for a new baby, which will be with them as they learn to crawl and walk, or a family memorializing the passing of a loved one, quilts are memories that we can carry with us. Tangible, practical, useful memories.


Prayer Beads

Christian Prayer Beads (also called Protestant or Anglican Rosaries) are an aid to meditative or contemplative prayer, a grounding tool, and a tactile outlet for stress and anxiety. Made with all real semi-precious gemstones, wood, and metal, these prayer beads can be customized with your choice of materials, and come in necklace, hand-held, or keychain format.


Updates & Announcements

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